Image by Katherine Hanlon


Evolve School of Healing Arts was founded from the sincere wonder of what else we can all be, choose, create, and contribute in the world. We're excited to provide the space for boundless exploration of innate brilliance and immeasurable gifts, through diverse classes, exceptional facilitators, and an ever-expanding menu of immersive possibilities for change, growth, healing, and evolution.

We are moving into an era unlike any other in human history. The stories of the past, of who we once were or believed ourselves to be, is under deep renovation. So much is available to be transmuted, released, and newly received, allowing each of us to awaken to greater possibilities, and Evolve is honored to contribute to that process. 

After many years of allowing the dream of this school to gestate, co-owners and long-time friends Clementine Mitchell and Autumn Magiera listened to the deep intuitive knowing that whispered, "Now is the time."

We invite you to tune into your own quiet knowing and ask what desires to evolve within you. What is your life asking for? You don't have to know specifics, but if you can perceive that a greater future awaits you, perhaps Evolve can support you in discovering those new horizons. What can you choose that will allow you to expand in all the ways you know are possible - and beyond. Is now the time?

Have a look around, get curious, take a peek at our event calendar, and please ask any questions you may have. What you see is just the beginning. So much more is in development and we can't wait to share it with you. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to the possibilities for being a part of your divine evolution.

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